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. >> thank you, doug. >>> today new york city mayor michael bloomberg endorsed president obama for re-election. bloomberg cites the president's leadership on climate change. mitt romney visited virginia today, northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us with the countdown to election day. >> no surprise that both mitt romney and barack obama, final five day push for bring them to virginia. for romney, it was roanoke, the richmond area and virginia beach. the president returns to northern virginia to prince william county on saturday night. the factory floor of a window and door company in roanoke was one of three virginia stops for mitt romney, but none bring him to northern virginia this time around. romney took time to encourage donations to storm relief effort, the sharp criticism of his opponent was back as he mocked his proposal to have several agencies under a secretary of business. >> we don't need a secretary of business to understand business, we need a president who understands business, and i do. >> reporter: president obama tried to strike a balance. acknowledging how polit
jobs report in hopes of a last-minute boost before election day. and the unemployment rate inched up a bit. just a teeny bit from 7.8 to 7.9. that's below the psychologically important threshold of 8%. employers added 171,000 workers to their payrolls last month, more than analysts had expected, and a sign of growth. experts say the jobless rate went up because more workers restarted their job hunts. that's another hopeful sign. >>> both candidates found talking points in this report, as you might suspect. president obama hailed the job growth as a sign the economy is moving in the right direction. he called it real progress but said there is more work to do. mr. obama has been campaigning in ohio all day but is heading back here to washington tonight. >>> mitt romney doesn't see it that way. he says the report indicates the economy is at a standstill. at a rally in wisconsin today, he told supporters mr. obama in his words never truly understood how jobs are created ithe economy. from wisconsin romney moved on to multiple campaign stops in ohio. analysts say he must win ohio to win
and according to election officials, no issues. all the machines are working. so come on out and come early. why are so many people in line and going through this for early voting? we spoke with voters and will have their answer to that coming up at 6:30. i'm tracy wiee wilkins, news4. >>> mitt romney is in florida today. he spoke to a crowd of supporters at the university of miami. he started by asking the crowd to help victims of hurricane sandy. he also visited tampa this morning and will continue his tour of the sunshine state with a final stop in jacksonville. >>> our storm trooper, we welcome you back. i know more about you now, wendy, than i've ever known. it was great stuff. >> that's the biggest thing about it, we put you in because we knew you would be safe and up in new jersey we knew that would not be the case. >> when those pictures started coming in monday night, it was breathtaking. >> thank goodness we did dodge a bullet. yes, we saw a hurricane and 60-mile-an-hour winds and a lot of trees down. but we're getting through it, just as we've done in the past. this the what we're dea
. election day just one week away. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4